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Kelly delivers. More to come?

Irish are playing their best football of the year. Can they continue to get better? NC State will be a major challenge.


  1. Since Ed brought up Colin Cowherd, in case you didn't know Colin predicted Notre Dame would blow out USC by 12 to 14 points last week. After Ed said what Colin said this week Mike Coffey said "that is why you should not listen to him" I just about fell out of my chair when Mike said that, let's not forget Mike coffey is one of the four board-up bozos at ND Nation that was opening calling for Brian Kelly's head after his second season I am very thankful the Notre Dame athletic director did not listen to them. On the topic of Notre Dame making the playoffs I like what Brian Kelly had to say in his press conference today he said our players are playing with the mentality that they are already in the playoffs after losing to Georgia they know they cannot afford a loss we don't have a conference title to play for. I have a good feeling Notre Dame will play well and cover the seven and a half point spread.


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