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Irish offense comes to life at UNC

The Irish offense finally breaks out against UNC. Is there noticeable improvement or were they just that bad?


  1. I think we need to "pump the brakes" before we start anointing ND a Top 10 team...I'm just as happy as anyone with their performance against UNC, but let's keep in mind that UNC had the worst rated defense in the FBS. Also, the typical bone-headed mistakes by the secondary (especially on giving up big plays), fumble of the 1 yard line, missed wide-open Mayer for a TD, another targeting penalty....they have a long way to go with much better teams coming up. IMO - let's wait and see!

  2. North Carolina game probably shows we are headed for a nice season, defense isn’t perfect but really solid and offense continues to improve

  3. Upsets can always happen but this team is trending up, I wouldn’t count this team out of any game the rest of the year 10-2?


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