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Legit #5? or Huge 17.5 point underdog, which is right?

We can't both be #5 and also 17.5 point underdog, so which one is more realistic? If we find success early running the football, the Irish will keep it close.


  1. As always great show, I am looking at things differently
    We have an edge on the defensive front {and will also see probably an 8 man rotation], our defensive line is elite…. without question we have better linebackers. Defensively we’re the better team
    We also have the edge on the offensive line. We are very good, not elite but very very sound. Better tight end {elite]

    Ohio has the edge at QB and WR, I prefer our three running backs but Ohio is solid especially their starter,

    we’re the more physical team, I give them the edge in the kicking game and also the home field obviously

    If we don’t lose the turnover battle I see this as a win by 7-10 points. I also disagree on the late game advantage by Ohio,
    We’re stronger up front on both sides. Come on guys take a look at our offensive line, plus Mayer.

    1. Will be interesting to evaluate after the game. You could be absolutely dead on.

  2. Love your show but I think your underestimating our talent level, on a neutral field this game is even. We have some big guys upfront, Will be a great game

  3. The point spread is purely due to needing a more balanced betting pool. Little $$ is placed on ND with a 7 point spread

  4. Irish came to play. We’re gonna have a nice year. Really like out defensive team this year.

  5. ND is gonna be really good, most of the teams will simply get in trouble with our defense. Gonna be a nice year, the loss was tough but I see a lot of growth from this team
    We’re gonna go on a run and be special last half of the year


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