Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Last season still lingering?

Have ND fans put last season behind them yet? Seems like for a lot of fans, the jury is still out. Does a win against Georgia change all that?


  1. Key to the Game

    GA has better 4 star players and has 5 star players as well
    GA has a better 2nd string on both sides of the ball

    Justin Yoon    must make all FGs
    ND needs to be on offense and move the chains, why, so we don't repeat past years where ND defense wears out because they are on the field for so long
    ND needs to play mistake free football, no fumbles no interceptions minimal penalties 
    ND Alize Mack must catch the ball and be an integrative part of the offense due to his speed and athleticism
    ND fans must be in it the whole game

    Please never stop Dome & Domer, you guys provide an original podcast with personalities and game insights that are worthwhile, intriguing, and a joy to listen to.


  2. Would love to hear Travers and Ed on same podcast. Irish win by 10 this week. Still don't care for Kelly but will like him a lot better if he get the W on Saturday.

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