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Are the Irish legit?

Probably the best performance by an Irish team on the road in the last 3 years. Georgia is a darn good team and maybe Boston College wasn't as bad as we thought. Are the Irish for real?.


  1. To put Lee Corso's 7 and 5 Irish season record into proper context that statement was made before Notre Dame beat Michigan State, Lee also predicted Michigan State to beat Notre Dame. No shock Mike coffey would complain about the broadcasting team on Fox since they praised Brian Kelly throughout the broadcast, going against Coffey's agenda of getting rid of Kelly.

  2. The comment is still pretty ridiculous even though it was before the game, but anyways, definitely arguable there were other things to discuss besides the announcers. :)

  3. Personally I really like the Fox broadcasters. Anything is better than Flutie but these Fox guys talked about how good ND (and Kelly) was, I like that! I think 7-5 is a very realistic record. First of all it will be a blessing if Wimbush lasts through the year (late hits, targeting, and too many run plays). And I hope that ND beats USC, N. Carolina State and Stanford but those games are much more likely to be losses. The Navy game is up for grabs. Is the new ND defense going to be able to stop Navy? I am not too sure about that. Glad you guys are complaining about the officiating, it is about time.


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