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Red all over....

You couldn't possibly miss the red in the stadium on Saturday. But are things similar to the Nebraska game back in the Bob Davie era?.


  1. All,

    No, ND program did not beg/deserve the question from that female reporter.
    ND lost by a 1 point in a low scoring game.
    You are right, why isn't Claypool and the dynamic CJ Sanders not playing.
    We don't want Wimbush running the ball as we don't have a second string quarterback.

  2. One can expect college football players to drop passes and miss blocks. One should not expect the officials to make bad calls so ND can lose close games. The opposing teams’ officials are smart enough to only help in the close games. They can’t look too obvious. If ND is significantly better, then the officials can’t help much. It is only the close games (one score) games that they can influence. This is not a conspiracy; each official does what he can when he can. I’m sure they never talk about it. In their conference games, they do the same thing to help their “premier” teams make the playoffs. ND needs completely neutral officials in all their games, for example: no ACC officials in any of their games. This is why Swarbrick must go. Changing head coaches will not help.

  3. Changing Head Coaches and AD would be good start. We did not lose to Georgia because of the refs. We lost because we got our asses handed to us up front.

  4. Brian Kelly did nothing wrong the young lady reporter needs to work on her interview skills, had she simply asked "what do you do this week to get back in the win column" Brian would have answered her question calmly. No shock Mike coffee would go against Brian Kelly he and his minions at ndnation have been against Brian since his first season, Mike coffee has no credibility when it comes to discussing Brian Kelly.

  5. ND lost by 1 point to a team with far better 4 star athletes and in addition several 5 star athletes. Furthermore, they are exceptionally strong 2 deep everywhere except maybe QB. ND didn't quit. Everybody is sore over losing close games continuously. We are overlooking the fact of the strengths of GA's team, ie, great talent.


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