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Great win....but....

Great win, no doubt. But there were some things exposed on Saturday that have ND fans concerned. Is there reason to be?.


  1. Outstanding show as always, boys. Hopefully I won't be babysitting next time. But nothing about the 2-point conversion fiasco?

    1. Didn't think to bring it up. I thought it wasn't that bad of a play. If BC doesn't cover it correctly, we score and go up 2 scores. We were a little indecisive, but still got the extra point without burning a TO. Overall, worth the risk, I thought at least.

    2. 100% agree with you Brammer, a "fiasco" would be attempting the two-point conversion and committing a turnover to BC where they return it for two points for themselves thus changing the momentum of the game, clearly that didn't happened.

  2. Good show guys it was much better without Mike coffey. Ed had a lot of good points breaking down the the game but then after each point he would follow up with "I don't know" Ed needs to work on cleaning that up because he does know.


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