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Football/Basketball Update.

How do you explain 1-9? Irish basketball crush Long Island.


  1. I enjoy your show guys and I look forward to your podcast each and every time...

    I was listening to Mike & Mad Dog on line at and former ND Great & Miami Dolphin great Bob Kuechenberg trashed Charlie Weis. I thought his comments were all hear say and he really was way off base. Not sure if you have heard it or had any comments... Sounds like a bitter person...

  2. Yes, we actually addressed this in the next show. He's factually wrong in saying Weis asked for an extension prior to coaching his first game. He's also not backing up any of his claims with anything specific, except hearsay. Not something you would expect from a supposed lover of ND.

  3. Listen to your show about this... Great response... I was totally disappointed with his remarks on a highly rated radio show. I tried so hard to get in and slam this guy. the lines were jammed... Keep up with the good work... Go Irish..


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