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The unthinkable has now happened. Irish are 1-9 for the first time in history.

Can it get any worse? Is there really an explanation for this?


  1. Oh it can definitely get A LOT worse. Can you even imagine what it is going to feel like if we lose to DUKE... in FOOTBALL?!?!? We certainly are not going to a bowl game but the toilet bowl here with the Notre Dame Non-Fighting Doormats and Duke Creampuffs should certainly live up to expectations. And following up on the point, I believe Brammer made, about how the teams we played that we thought were so awesome not living up to expectations. We might not even have a chance this weekend… Duke put up 24 on Georgia Tech!

    On another note I saw a great interview on Sportscenter today with Richard Seymour of the New England Patriots. He was asked to describe what it was like in the Patriots locker room and he said: "What most people see on the field on Sunday is Brady and Moss and all these weapons we have, they see the 9-0 record, they see all the glory, what they don't see is how hard everyone works. We have so much talent on this football team, but talent alone won't get it done. All the guys in that locker room do what it takes to be a champion. Most people want all the glory but don't wanna work for it, that’s not the case here.”

    I really think along with the thousands of other problems we have that, that one could be key. We have all the talent in the world but at times (Like not moving 250 pound Air Force linemen, on 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter, for a QB sneak) it seems like no one out there wants to work to get the job done. I just remember guys like Jeff Faine out there battling until the whistle, beating the hell out of guys and then some, guys like Mark Edwards pounding and pounding the ball just to get an extra inch. And then I watch this team on Saturdays and I don't see ANY of that.

    I am just as big a believer that we'll get this turned around as anyone. But guys let's be real here... how much better can this team really get next year? Not many teams go from 1 and 12 to bowl games the next season. I really think if Charlie doesn't get at least 8 wins and a bowl win he might be out, and that looks near impossible right now. And I’ll save this question until the end of the season… but can you hear the storylines now when we play Washington next year... ecspecially if Charlie ends up with the same 21 win record or doesn't win another game and only has 20 wins wow that’s gonna be a fun week!

    Regardless... GOOO IRISH! BEAT DUKE (Please God, let them beat Duke)

  2. Hey fella's. I just found your site and am glad I did. You see, I live in Omaha, Nebraska. Just 50miles from most Nebraskan's Mecca and home of the Cornhuskers. I have been a lifelong Notre Dame fan, and all I get around here is Go Big Red 24/7. Even though this season is just terrible, I still wear my blue and gold every Saturday.

    With all the termoil that is going on with the Athletic Director and Coaching at Nebraska, I was just wondering how much talk there is about Charlie and his assistants. Are people loosing faith in his ability there as they did some time ago with NU's Callahan? I hope not.

    I feel that Coach Weis is a great fit for the ND program. It is not about the win, it's about the people. If the fans, boosters and the college give Weis a few seasons, I am, without a doubt, sure that he will prove to be one of the greats at Notre Dame.

    GO IRISH!!!

    Kurt in Nebraska

  3. It is unfortunate, but I fully expect ND to lose against Duke this weekend. Duke will come in here fired up. This will be there chance to save a disasterous season of their own. On the other hand, I don't think the Irish have enough confidence to beat Penn High School right now. I really believe that confidence is the biggest problem with this team right now. This team is expecting to make mistakes and to have things not go their way, and it just becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. In order to try to overcome this, Charlie should have them play with reckless abandon this week. The defense should not be reading and reacting - we see what happens when that is tried. They just need to tee-off and bring the wood. The offense should go up-tempo - like no huddle. They need a break from what they have been doing to try to change the mind set, but I don't expect any of this to happen. What to expect - more of the same. Sure hope I am wrong - Go Irish!

  4. Clearly, the probability for a Duke win this week is a lot higher than it was 2 weeks ago. Duke was up on Navy in the 4th qtr, they were only down by 3 in the 4th Qtr to Miami, FL and Virginia, and were only down by 5 in the 4th Qtr to Wake Forest, so this isn't the doormat most people think it is. They might be the best 1-9 team in College Football, guess we'll find out Saturday. Having said all this, I fully expect things to turnaround next season and there's ample evidence to suggest so. Recruiting, several players returning on both sides of the ball, Charlie's experience he's gained going through a season like this, a somewhat arguably lighter schedule, Clausen with a year of experience at the helm, etc...


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