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Irish at the crossroads as 5-2 Pitt arrives?

Arguably a must win for ND as away games with Boston College and USC loom on the horizon. Pretty much have to take care of business at home.


  1. I totally agree with Ed regarding your arguement on these next two games (Pitt &BC). Getting blown out the next two weeks would be the exception. Charlie has proven to me his work ethic, recruiting prowess, coaching ability (staff and on the field), prgress of players, etc.. I really don't know who would come in here and be able to do everything that Charlie does at this time. What coach (anywhere, Gruden, anyone) could have nailed down the #1 RECRUITING CLASS in the country while going through a 3-9 campaign. I truly belive that Weis is the only coach that could have pulled that off. We are seeing the progress and the coaching. This guy needs time and we will be back on top....

    that is my 2 cents anyway, thanks guys & Go Irish!


  2. It really comes down to Clausen. He is playing so good for a sophmore and ND needs to rely on his passing to win. I'm sure he will get the turnover thing out of the way by his junior year, but it would be really good to get the turnovers down to one a game for the rest of his sophmore season. This year Weis has shown that he is way superior to the Pitt coach. Too bad it all comes down to Clausen, but that is what it is. Go Irish!


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