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Irish let one slip away.

Plenty of blame to go around for this lost, including some bad calls. But is there a silver lining in all of this?


  1. If ND wants to play with the big boys, ND will have to get neutral officiating, both on the field and on the replay. The big difference now is that the ND players are losing the game, not the coaching. Clausen is becoming careless and Ian Williams is always going the wrong way on runs up the middle.

  2. The officiating crew is certainly something ND needs to address. This is the second time in (Stanford game '07) the last year where a video replay official overturned the obvious right call on the field. Clausen didn't have his best game, but it's hard to argue he's not a big reason why the offense is so effective recently. I look for him to continue to improve and I'd argue he's way ahead of where Brady Quinn was his sophomore year.

  3. Don't get me wrong. I think ND football is going in the right direction for the first time in 20 years. Weis has made the biggest improvement over the last year. 07 was a blessing in disguise, Weis may have never got the message if ND didn't go 3-9 last year. The only one thing left is the officiating, which I have been complaining about for 20 years since the rocket and Holtz got ripped off on the punt return in lieu of a 2nd national championship. ND has the pull and the money to make neutral officiating a part of both home and away games. You the press need to make a bigger case about this.


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