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No love for Willingham

Irish pound Washington as the Willingham era comes to a close there. Who's laughing now?


  1. I thought Clausen was irritated with himself. With Pitt and BC getting blown out, ND's second half is looking much better. If Clausen can do about 200-250 yards a game with only one turnover, ND goes into SC with a 9-2 record. The defense looked pretty good, as you said, getting to the ball and tackling.

  2. I agree with Mike Sullivan, my old morality teacher at St. Joe, regarding taking complete satisfaction in watching ND own Tyrone. It was an example of someone who lacks integrity, enriches himself at the expense of others, and lives by a creed of complete mediocrity getting a nice, happy dose of reality. Go Irish!


  3. Felipe, you can't use Mike Sullivan and morality in the same sentence. Obviously, he wasn't that good of a teacher...

  4. Ha ha! Well, I was one of the few soccer players that had the privilege of being on his good least that's what I thought 12 years ago.

    Love the show...keep it up.


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