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Let's face it, we got screwed.

Irish get screwed by horrible call. Refs rescue FSU on blown coverage. Can ND make it to playoffs?


  1. I can't help but wonder if the refs also screwed Golson out of the Heisman by blowing the call at the end? I mean, to convert on fourth and 18 and then go on and throw a game winning TD on fourth down with seconds left on the road against the defending national champs... talk about Heisman winning moments. It's too bad the refs had to step in and take it all away.

  2. I tend to agree. Let the players decide the game, Very unfortunate for Golson.

  3. First time listener. Glad you mentioned the lack of offensive holding on FSU. I would love to see stats on blitzes vs holding calls in college football. Seems we come up short a lot in that regard. Also happy someone else saw CJ being held on the final play. Quick question. If they called the helmet thing, wouldn't we have had 1st and like 9? 15 against us during the play and then half the distance back for the deadball foul plus automatic first down? That's 2 shots from 9 yards out if 13 seconds on the clock. Maybe even 3 shots on quick plays. Fouled during the play wouldn't offset with a deadball? Or am I missing something? Just wondering because a lot of people are saying offsetting and I'm not getting there.

  4. I see a lot of ND Haters on the internet complaining about how BK is 'whining' about the OPI call. I think he's scheming.

    Think about this: there's a lot of football to be played before the playoff selection committee picks the teams. Assuming ND wins out the rest of the season and there's also 1 loss 'Bama, MSU, Oregon or one of the current unbeaten Mississippi teams. Maybe, by BK repeating over and over from his soap box about how ND got screwed, than the committee will lean in ND's favor and think we deserve a shot over those other 1 loss teams because of the bad call.

    Always look forward to your podcasts.


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