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Why ND will get screwed by Committee

Let;s face it, with Michigan State ranked ahead of us, it's a clear message the Committee is sending to Notre Dame. We don't like you.


  1. Still burns me up... Talk about shocking....

    Saw this post below in yahoo...
    Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long is also the chairman of the playoff committee and he was a guest on "The Dan Patrick Show" when he was asked about Notre Dame's ranking. Long explained that the loss was impressive but it was still a loss. But more importantly, Long noted that Notre Dame doesn't have any impressive wins.

    "I think if you look at Notre Dame's resume at this point, they have a very close loss against Florida State on the road and it is a loss," Long told Dan Patrick. "But the rest of the body of their work against the teams they have played has not impressed the committee as much as the teams that are ahead of Notre Dame."

    In fact, the committee was so unimpressed with Notre Dame's six wins, all at home and none against teams currently in the top-25, Long suggested that the Irish would have been much lower in the rankings if not for their "good loss" to Florida State.

    "Then you look at the rest of the body of [Notre Dame's] work, I would tell you [the loss to Florida State] did help them."

  2. Would've been interesting to hear if Dan Patrick had a follow-up question with "then help me to understand the Committee's evaluation of Michigan State?" You can book it now, ND teams with one loss will never make the playoffs when there are 5 one loss teams in the nation.

  3. Yes, there are probably a few questions that had to be asked.. The hardest part is all the teams we played that were suppose to be decent are average so far. Stanford is trending down and have 4 loses. They got smoked by Oregon. Michigan is just awful. What is our signature win? There really is none.. At the time, those were big wins, but as the season played out.. They are not great wins.

    Also, 2 of the last 3 games, we had average teams put 43 & 39 on the Irish. UNC is terrible. That was an awful game. Navy climbed back in and made it a very close game. I know they are hard to prepare for, but Kelly & Co. did have 2 weeks.

    I worry about 2 lose SEC team being ahead of us.. The good news is ASU, Louisville & USC are still ahead of us.. Hopefully some of the teams the Irish have played will start winning.

  4. Saw this blog that Notre Dame was the 4th most overrated Team in the Top 20. There is still some football left.. There are 3 tough games and 1 trap game with Northwestern.

    5) Ohio State - Basically played no one
    4) ND - See below
    3) K - State - Lucky wins (bizzare as it is tough to win games)
    2) Arizona State - No Defense & All offense team
    1) UCLA - Have struggled to win and Defense not good

    According to this post:
    Notre Dame fans were upset when the Irish were placed No. 10 in the initial College Football Playoff rankings. After a questionable defensive performance against Navy this past Saturday, it’s unlikely the team moves up. The Irish gave up 39 points to a Midshipmen team that is fighting for bowl eligibility. Luckily, their offense put up 49 points

    Notre Dame’s biggest problem? It hasn’t done much to wow the committee. The Irish have won seven of their eight games, but aside from the Michigan contest, none of them have been all that impressive. They let both Purdue and Syracuse hang around. They won shootouts with North Carolina and Navy. Even the Stanford victory doesn’t look as good as it used to.

    The Irish still have Arizona State, Louisville and USC on the schedule, and an 11-1 record might be enough to sneak into the top four. Might be.

  5. I loved hearing the fire in your voices and comments. Looking forward to hearing your takes on the out come of the Navy game.


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