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Will we beat Stanford?

Syracuse might have been the best thing that happened to us. Kelly can focus on getting the team to realize they aren't that good and need to play their best game to beat Stanford.


  1. This is the most polarized ND game I have seen. The ND fans think it is a ND victory, no problem. The Stanford fans and all others think it is a Stanford victory, no problem. The line started with ND being a 1 point favorite, presently ND is a 3 point underdog. The money is being placed on Stanford. ND is significantly better or about even in every measurable category. Very strange perceptions surrounding this game.

  2. Great victory against that Stamford Defense.. Bizarre game against UNC with our Defense on our heels (no pun attended) all game long.. Granted, a few questionable penalties on both sides.. Could have been a different game.. You can not give them a short field 3 times..

    Love your podcast.. I have been listening for years...

    Also, interesting podcast from the FSU folks.

    Bill from NC

    Ready for the next podcast

  3. I love your podcast as well. Hopefully you will have one before the FSU game!

  4. Sorry guys. Ed and I have been busy traveling among other commitments and couldn't make it happen this week. Ed is predicting a 45-28 Irish win while I think it'll be 35-24 Irish. Go Irish!


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