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Irish should take care of business

This show was recorded prior to breaking news about Book sitting out. Still think the Irish win, but possibly closer score.


  1. I'm changing my prediction to 49-10

    1. And as usual this year, you nailed it. Great win.

    2. Mike C has been amazing at predictions,
      How do you see the Syracuse game? 35-28?_ND?

    3. Wow.. I did not see the revised score and legit change (unless you went back in time) according to the posting time and date.. I felt good and I have to say FSU did put up a fight more than I thought. Talk about a fall from grace.. FSU has a stock pile of talent, but there has to be other issues.

      Great win for Wimbush what could be his last home game. Some bad reads in the second half hurt, but overall, great.. I did not see that many points.

  2. Great show as always, I respectfully disagree with one point on the alabama Michigan debate if bama loses.
    Why make everything complicated? Thee big ten is obviously down this year, and should not have a seat in the final four just because of a league win.
    Let's get the four best teams in, not a liberal idea where everyone gets in if they win a league.
    Akron beat northwestern, notre same handled Michigan pre Book and Dexter, Mich st lost to Arizona st, Penn st escaped vs appalation st,
    The big ten is very average and are making Michigan look a lot better than they really are, what is Michigan's best win? #20 Penn st? Unranked Mich st?

    1. Potentially #7 OSU if others lose this weekend. Would be tough for committee to keep out Michigan if they beat OSU.

  3. Here's a question, with a loss and we finish 11-1 (just a thought). Our competition is Michigan, Oklahoma, and Georgia) I don't think a 2 loss team has ever been invited to the playoffs such as LSU this year.
    If bama beats Georgia, OSU beasts Michigan and WV split wouldn't we be in? wSU has a horrible non conference resume.
    In this scenario wouldn't bama, Clemson , ND and either OSU or wsu get in? Who else would have a shot?

  4. If Alabama wins out and WV/Oklahoma split--
    ...since no 2 loss team has ever been invited to the playoff I see no way ND is out even with a close loss to Syracuse.
    #1bama. 13-0
    #3ND. 11-1
    #4mich/OSU winner 12-1

    Other choices would be UCF, or WSU ( both terrible sos)
    Unless they take a 2loss team like Georgia, or LSU

  5. Appears Notre Dame will be a 9-10 point favorite vs Syracuse. Gonna be a tough game but I really think we are the more balanced team. I like ND to cover if Book is healthy

  6. If there is a debate on an undefeated Irish right now, I can not see a one loss Irish getting in, unless a number of one or 2 loss teams. (also depends on how Irish lose - if it happens).

    1. Bill,
      an 11-1 ND team ( not likely I see us winning out)
      But if Alabama and Ohio state win, and wv and oklahoma split the CFP will look like this
      Alabama 1, Clemson 2, ND 3 and either OSU or WSU 4


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