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Why the Irish will win out

By far, the toughest game is Syracuse. Why will the Irish win out?


  1. Great commentary as always, this game comes down to how well we can run the ball. And of course turnovers. If we run it effectively were gonna have a nice 42-21 type win. We have the better defense, th ey have a dangerous offense but nothing special defensively. Go Irish!

  2. I disagree with ya mike c on a one loss ND team being out,(although I agree with everything else you have said all year)
    Keep an eye on a rating called SOR, it has predicted nearly every final four each year, something like 15/16 teams that have been selected

  3. Good show.. hopefully, the Irish continue the winning ways. I do agree that Syracuse is a hard team to read. A weak schedule and the ACC (other than Clemson) is really down, might make them seem better then they are.. However, they seem to have a major upset the last few years on a TOP team.

    I do think playing outdoors instead of the Carrier Dome will help.. I know it is Technically a Home game.

    Go Irish!

    PS - You can not worry about the 4 team playoff.. Still some meaningful games still coming that will adjust that top 10

  4. Nice predictions again guys! Irish are rolling along each week, our defense is getting stronger each week

  5. Well the pundits the last two days were right, ND would win.

    No one mentioned that Syracuse was completely made up of 2 and 3 star players.

    Does anyone have a link for the entire game?

  6. Amazing win vs Syracuse, keep up the great work guys.
    USC is a good home team, Irish need to stay focused and not think its gonna be an easy blowout Saturday and we will be fine

  7. Mike C, doe SC home record concern you? I think as bad as Helton is perceived he does win @home.

  8. The more I analyze this game the more I can't see them stopping our offense. They will be similar to Florida state in that they have great talent but the only chance I see for them is if they win the turnover battle.
    This one HSS the potential to be a blowout like 42-10, but I think they will keep it closer especially at home


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