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Does this bowl game matter?

The college football bowl season has been upended a lot over the last 2-3 years. Does a bowl win or loss carry the weight it used to?


  1. Love your show, in terms of a Notre Same moment, wouldn't you consider the goal line stand against both Stanford and USC in 2012 ND moments? Ian Book touchdown this year to beat VT? I can go on and on with more ND moments under Coach Kelly.

  2. I agree with the Irish win, gonna say 38-31,
    I m with Mike C, I don't like the timing of Longs departure but it appears long term it was the correct choice.

  3. 2020 should be a special year, it would be great if Book returns and Clemson comes to town unbeaten
    I look for the Irish to come out strong physically and put together a respectable defensive game,
    This team will score some especially if we cannot establish the run,
    I m with Mike (K) having Book as our leading rusher is a recipe for problems. But I also don't see this team holding the Irish down

  4. Irish will roll in this one offensively, they have a nice offense but this ND defense is just to solid for this their scheme. My only concerns is apparently our fan support will not on par with ISU (attendence)
    And the rain potential 50% showers, with a greater potential not until 3 pm

  5. Great podcast guys, what a season! 11-2
    Gotta be excited about next years team.
    Thanks for all the insight the year, you made the games fun to watch with your analysis

  6. Irish really played a complete game, congrats on a fun season. This Iowa team was dangerous but our defense was on another level

  7. Physicality of this football team was definitely on display in Bowl game. Much as it was the entire season. ND will be good again next year and will face Clemson at home and Wisconsin on the road. Plenty of opps to get into Playoffs.

  8. Just wish you three could have more of these podcasts. Your analysis is always top notch, it makes watching ND football games so enjoyable.
    I know the Irish weren't perfect but we really are blessed to have had a good season and what appears a bright future.
    Thanks to all three of you, I hope your all enjoying the holiday season with your family.


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