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Irish better than you think?

Notre Dame has playmakers on both sides of the ball. In game adjustments are clearly making a difference. Could this be the year?


  1. This team is only gonna get better, High ceiling

  2. is this the biggest game @ND since the SC game in 05'?

  3. my biggest keys are can we protect Hartman, and have some success running the ball

  4. Were witnessing a team that s rgonna be good in November, everything feels different with this team in a positive way.

  5. I do not see this tOSU game close, Irish have to much chemistry and talent for someone to come into South Bend and beat this team, I see more of a 31-21 type game (Irish)

    1. I hope you’re right. We may have the best tailback/ QB. Combo anywhere,
      Other than Michigan maybe the best offensive line.
      Just happy we’re in this situation with a lot of momentum and at home.


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