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Is ND the better football team?

Notre Dame has been firing on all cylinders as of late. Even though we don't have as many NFL prospects as OSU, are we the better team at this point in the season?


  1. Buchner isn’t young, this is his third year. I love Tyler just don’t think he has the it factor and can’t throw the ball vertically with any consistency

  2. The line of scrimmage is gonna determine the game, hopefully the offensive line is up to the challenge

  3. I respectfully disagree that there will be a lot of big plays,
    If it’s a shootout Ohio State has the advantage……I see the defense s of both teams settling in and a 28-24 type of game Estime is a huge key and his 8.3 yards per play could be a factor

  4. Tough loss for the Irish, but I think u will see growth, We need to rebound quick or the next three games could make for a 4-4 start.
    I still think we wil go 10-2


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