Monday, September 2, 2013

Several positives from Temple game

Not the blowout win we wanted, but a lot of things looked good for the Irish. Tommy Rees, depth at RB, and a solid defensive performance are just some of the things looking good for the Irish in 2013.


  1. After the Temple game I really see how much ND is going to miss Teo. Teo was always one step ahead of the opposing offense whereas ND's present middle LBs are a step behind. That makes ND's defense 2 steps slower than last year. Mich is stronger, bigger and more athletic than ND. Not having a dual threat QB or even one with a decent arm is going to hamper ND's offense all year. ND also has no kicking game. I hope I am wrong but I see Mich winning big on Saturday.

  2. stronger? bigger? more athletic? uhhhhmmmmwhat? and by the way the 10 other guys on defense all got better.

  3. Yes, there are some questions at LB. Michigan is a good team that's well coached, which means they'll look to exploit this. But you can't be one dimensional against our defense. We've got great athletes who can play man-to-man coverage, as good as anybody in the country. Great defensive lineman, and a damn good defensive coach. Good enough to keep Michigan below 20 points. Our offense is the difference this year and should put more than 20 points on the board. ND 24-17