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Frustrating Loss to Michigan

We didn't play well Saturday and although it looked bleak at times, ND does have a few bright spots. A homer call, costly penalties in the red zone, no answer for a scrambling QB, but all is not lost, cheer up, the Irish have plenty to play for this year.


  1. I agree with your analysis in that we SHOULDN'T HAVE won the UM game, but we COULDN'T HAVE won with the terrible PI call. As I've always said, you need to beat Michigan > 14 pts because they are gonna screw you out of 2 TDs in the big house...

  2. I am so glad you are talking about the officiating. This is really bad news about ND's new ACC officials. The ACC is going to use the ND games as ways to make their teams look good by beating ND. Holding and pass interference are simple ways to make your team win. The Mich game is nothing compared to the many years of grief we have to look forward to. Unless ND, their alums and fans start really making a big thing about this we and ND are doomed. I am so tired of ND saying oh well our team didn't play that good anyway, that is bs, if makes all the difference due to momentum and psyche! You guys have to stay on this.

  3. The ref should be embarrassed by the fact that the video showed him going for his flag after Bennett Jackson intercepted the ball. Enough said. It was a joke of a call.


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