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Irish strengths and weaknesses obvious

3 games into the season, and it's pretty obvious what are strengths and weaknesses are. Can we make adjustments and what will it look like next week against Michigan State?


  1. Agree that we should have been trying to stretch Purdue's D in the first half. I don't think they even attempted a pass longer than 10 yards or 15 at most in first half. I was also concerned that Purdue was more physical on the line on both sides of the ball in the first half. They were pushing ND around. That can not happen this week.

  2. As always, MSU will be a very physical game. They will test Tommy by taking away the run and anticipating short pass routes. We have got to go deep early, and find some success by loosening them up, or it could be a long day.

    Coaching will be on display this Saturday. It'll be the difference in the game.


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