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Irish Need to Regroup

Purdue should be a convincing win. But what do we need to see in order regain the confidence of the fan base that 11-1 is still possible?


  1. You've got a couple of receivers with near-breakaway speed. Utilize motion to make up for any lack of dominance in that department.

    #4 is a strong uphill runner. The benefit of a pro form blocker may lead the way for the big gains you are lacking at the moment. You can shift into that package from a dual-back Shotgun (and can add a HB wheel-route to compliment the flats).

    #11 seems to be over-extending on some of his passes. Utilize hook routes and short out-routes to get him into rhythm.

    4-2-5 should work well enough with this unit.

  2. The MSU game is a huge moment for Notre Dame and Brian Kelly in 2013 and beyond.

    Are the Irish headed back to the BK era of 2010 and 2011, when they sputtered in the big games (Michigan, USC, Stanford), got behind early, and gave up big plays?

    Or will this team come together against MSU and beyond by proving they’re more like 2012: making plays in big games, tackling in the open field, catching a few breaks, and finding ways to win?

    DarkSideofGreen breaks down the four keys to the Irish keeping pace with the 2012 squad and avoiding another disappointing season.


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