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Irish still struggling for identity

MSU win was a big one. But the Irish will need to play better to beat Oklahoma. Running game needs to show up Saturday.


  1. If one uses Sagarin ratings as a technical ranking of teams, ND's first four opponents were all ranked lower than ND. ND's next three games are against teams all ranked higher than ND including USC. I agree Kelly and his staff have been doing some great coaching. If it wasn't for Gardner playing the game of his life, ND would have beaten Mich. I do think ND's running game will show up on Saturday. I also believe ND could lose 34 to 13 but feel as if ND will somehow beat Oklahoma. It really comes down to ND's QB performance.

  2. Pretty prophetic on your part. We ran the ball well, but lost by 14. A huge disappointment. Doesn't get any easier with ASU. Coaching will come into play the rest of the season. Kelly has a huge challenge in front of him.

  3. ASU is going to be tough but ND could win the game by just running the ball, something I don't think Kelly is capable of. ASU is fast but doesn't have the athletes nor the height that Oklahoma has. The ASU coach is also better than the Oklahoma coach. Kelly needs to work in the other two QBs ASAP. Rees time is over.


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