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How good are we at this point in the season?

We're not ranked, and justifiably so, but are we close? A lot of optimism is in the air.


  1. I think that we are two games away. If we beat Stanford and NC, we should move into the top 25. However, I don't realistically think we could be or should be a top 10 team this year. But next year...

  2. Who cares? The Irish look good, and have shown improvement, that's what matters. We will be in a bowl game, and we will win as long as we don't become overhyped and get thrown into the BCS conversation. Honestly I don't think that will happen. Heres some irony, for once the ND haters may help us this year. We go to a mid-level bowl and dominate, next year we make a run at the BCS, the season after that NC or BUST!! GO IRISH


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