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Irish still unproven?

Was the Irish victory over Michigan truly a gift? At what point this season do the Irish earn respect from the AP voters.


  1. Irish will do fine against MSU. They acheived some needed confidence against Michigan, but ND's 8.5 point underdog status and MSU's lack of class over the last few years will have ND sporting a chip on their shoulder in Lansing. Should be a brawl.

    BTW - There was supposed to be a number of recruits at the Michigan game. Haven't heard anything about it, but imagine they had a good experience. Any news along those lines?

  2. I was not expecting anywhere near what we saw from the Irish this past weekend. Like most of you, I thought it would be a close game with some mistakes on both sides and who ever had less mental erros would be on top. But as excited as I was to see our guys play like their pants were on fire, I still feel the team is nowhere near where we all want them to be and I feel each game is sitll a real potential loss (with very few exeptions). In my humble opinion, who cares how many wins it takes to win the respect of the AP. lets get as many wins as possible wether it's 6,8 or 11 and hopefully go to a bowl that we can actually win. Even if we ran the table, our schedule is very soft and unless we pull a miracle in the Colesium (very unlikly) we won't get much respect anyway. Let this team build confidence and learn how to win and how to deal with adversity. I'm going to the Stanford game, this is only my third time there. Any places that you guys think are "a must" to visit?

  3. No news to speak of on the recruiting front, as of now. Ironically, we lost a lineman to Michigan the night before the game. As far as MSU goes, we should expect a brawl for sure with a lot of trash talking going on. I do think their offense will allow Tenuta and our linebackers to disguise the blitz a little better and potentially showcase his agressiveness as a defensive guru. Places to visit... definitely the Grotto but assumed you knew that one...Bruno's Pizza for the best Italian Pizza and pasta this side of Sicily.


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