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Not all bad as Irish show some upside in loss to MSU.

Yeah, we definitely lost the game, but we also showed signs of life with our passing game. Defense held their own despite allowing Ringer to ramble for 200 yards.


  1. Still need a running Game. Defense needs to get a little bit more rest. Get some rest and I dont think they will be giving up so much on runs and hold them in the 3rd down spots they want the other team to be in. In my opinion Charlie needs to really get that running game established or they will find themselves still looking to come from behind or always needing a defensive stand.

  2. It definitely goes without saying that if we continue to perform in the running game like we did against MSU, it'll be a long season. With the passing attack we have, we only need 150 yards a game to be successful. That's not asking a lot.


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