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Irish ready for San Diego State. It's time.

Irish start a week late after several 2009 opponents fall in the first week. Is this reason for optimism?


  1. any truth to the rumor that skip holtz is set to take over?

  2. He's certainly the top candidate. However, it's one thing to win when you're the underdog, it's another thing to win when you're the favorite.

  3. Living in the Raleigh Area of NC, Skip is a good coach. However, entering into this season, he was 20-17. He did rebuilt from a coach who had some terrible years. I know he just signed an extension to 2013 (w/buyout). As Brammer posted, it is one thing to win being the underdog, it is another the other way around. I am not taking anything away from ECU.

    Should we be concern about this latest win, yes, but ND found a way to win. Last year, we would lost this game. If Davie or Ty were here, we would lose that game. The young kids found a way to win. It still is a Division 1 school, last I check. Weis may have not shown his hand with Michigan coming in.

    Remember, 8-4 / 7-5 is what most experts think Irish will finish this year.

  4. The talk about ND holding something back for Michigan is ridiculous. ND was 6 inches away from a 4th quarter 2 touchdown deficit. What the heck good would it do to hold something back and come away with a loss against San Diego State. As sad as it may seem, ND was doing everything they could to scrape out a win.


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