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Irish make statement with win over Michigan.

Irish capitalize on Michigan turnovers and come up with enough big plays to earn the victory. Why the future looks bright.


  1. "Good enough" isn't going to do it against State. Can the Irish keep moving forward? It wasn't until the second half against the Spartans in '05 that Quinn and the offense clicked.

  2. I'm going to disagree with you HikeND. If Notre Dame plays 13 games this year, and they are just "Good enough" in each and everyone of those games, what does that leave you? Remember, it doesn't matter what they play like, how many rushing yards they have, or even how many special teams tackles Anello has. All that matters is that their point total is greater than their opponents. I'll take 13 ugly games if it leads to 13 ugly wins. Go Irish, beat Spartans!

  3. Notre Dame will have to play an almost flawless game to beat MSU. Whoever wins the turnover battle will likely win this game. The opportunity to win ugly won't happen at Spartan Stadium. ND's season will be defined by this game, a win and we could see 9 or 10 wins, a loss and it could be 7-8 wins at most.


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