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Must win for Kelly?

There's definitely anxiety over how long ND fans need to wait for us to return to prominence. But do we need to start showing signs that we're headed there?


  1. The worst coach in ND history, Charlie Weis got 5 years. And we aren't even giving BK 5 games?? Good grief.

  2. Brammer you are spot on. Winning at ND is harder then anywhere else for a number of reasons. I finally got off my butt and sent a letter to Swarbrick pleading to get neutral officials. I took the angle of doing it for the players. I ask you to do the same, it is really the only thing we can do to help. Even if ND starts playing better ND will need unbiased officials to win a championship. The Big East is really down this year so I expect the Big East officials to really help Pitt tomorrow. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Theodore, unfortunately your comments about the biased Big East refs turned out to be pretty prophetic and yes Swarbrick needs to address this. Looking forward to Mike and Ed's take on the offciating. Kelly said he is going to talk to the Big East supervisor about the offensive interference call. One good thing about being independent, the coach can criticize the ref's when they blow it and not get fined.

  4. Just to clarify, Kelly was in a must win situation only for this year's team, not for his standing with ND. He could go 6-6 the next 3 years and not get fired.

    As far as the officiating, we're going to address that on the Thursday show. Needless to say, something has got to be done. This is getting out of hand.


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