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Tragedy at the worst time...

On top of everything, a horrendous tragedy occurs at practice. What now?


  1. ND football has now even become not relevant at ND. Just when you think ND football can get no worse, ND proves you wrong. ND football started going downhill ever since the really big money started showing up. Can it be that money, power, and greed corrupts all those associated with ND football such that they no longer can think correctly?

  2. Please don't anybody take this the wrong way, but at my job anybody that uses equipment such as a scissor lift are required to receive training on said equipment. Then it becomes the responsibility of the operator to use the equipment properly. However, it is other peoples responsibility to warn someone if the operator is mishandling the equipment. does ask the blame fall on Kelly, Swarbrick, or the head of the AV dept.? I'm bothered how everybody is villifying Kelly because he's the had coach. If a cheerleader gets hurt during a football game, is that his fault too?


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