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No answer for the option.

What exactly happened on Saturday? Did we get outcoached? Or did the players pack it in?


  1. Adrealin, Navy was high on adrealin that is why ND shouldn't run up the middle on 4th and 1 at the goal line. ND needs a coach that understands that ND's opposition is playing "much bigger" than they really are. ND needs to use deception in this situation. No defensive scheme for the option, we should have known that was coming all week per the various news releases on what Diaco was or had been doing all wrong to defend Navy's option. Did you hear the Navy coach's pregame speach, it was as if ND was the cause of 9/11. After the Mich State game Kelly should have said "team you played great today, it was those biased officials that stole the game from you". After the Navy game, Kelly should have said I blew it today on that 4th and 1 call, I should have known Navy would be playing like they were 10 feet tall. Kelly should have also said his defensive staff blew it on preparation for the Navy game and apologized to the team. The ND administration should have said they are cancelling future Navy games to protect the ND players from cut blocking. And to top is off, Kelly has finally totally destroyed Crist. Also Look at the 2011 and 2012 schedules that the ND administration set up. The ND admin, the ND coaches, and the ND fans, are all living in a dream at the expense of the ND football players. The problem is definitely NOT the players. It is a wonder any player wants to go to ND.

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  3. you are right,The arrogance of the AD and Asst ad is horrible,the upcomming schedules are impossible and are beyond any kind of successful anticipation any college football team could look forward to, The question is not success,but how much money can be made off of the easy slave labor of the football player. How can anyone with any kind of intellect expect these one men to put out as much as they do AND go to class knowing that come Saturday they will have to go out and get their brains knocked out for what?,the money total at the end of each week ,I thought the players and the interest of the team were more important the the sum total at the end of the day. The men running the administration of the program have put expectations on these young men that in most cases will never be met.It is time that those said officials get their arrogant heads out of the clouds,and realize that ND is not GOD SENT AND THE DIVINE TEAM OF GOD,You guys might be better served to go back and look at your predicessors to see how it is suppose to be done .You have brought the program down to a less than successful Ivy League program and destroyed what little tradition that is left,this is not what ND is about,failure should not be in our vocabulary,We are no longer a respected program and the least successful of our entire athletic program thanks for doing in a few short years what took decades to achieve, you my friends are a disgrace to the University and what it is suppose to represent,it it indeed an end to an era.


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