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Hope Restored.

Irish deliver with a much needed victory. Can they close out the season with some momentum?


  1. Is there a problem with your mic or did you do this recording in the wind? Love your guys stuff, but the technical end of it is tough to listen through. I can send you a new mic if you need it?

  2. Sorry for the quality of this show, we were missing a mic so we had to improvise with a 10 year old mic. Won't happen again. :)

  3. Just wanted to let you guys know that I listen every week on my way to or from work and really enjoy your show.

    Good balance between the the dome and the domer in terms of opinions and perspectives.

    Been an ND fan since conception and played for 10 years, so if you ever need a fill-in, Im your man...

    keep up the great work.

  4. Would anybody be really upset if Dayne decided to transfer? I mean, I was impressed with Tommy's performance in leading the Irish against Navy and even more with his play against Utah. Heading into spring, Tommy will be healthy (hopefully) and Dayne will be questionable. Not to mention the young talent on the sidelines and potential recruits. Plus I don't think he's really stepped up into a leadership role. Don't get me wrong, I like the kid but he was recruited under a different offensive mindset.

    It might in everyone's best interest if Dayne transferred. He could be the next Ryan Mallet...just not at ND. Thoughts?

    Keep up the weekly podcasts, I really enjoy listening to them at work on Monday mornings.

  5. Some commentators, including one from the Tribune, talked about it being sad and reflective of how far the program has fallen because the fans poured unto the field after beating Utah. It was only the students that went on the field and it wasn't to celebrate a great victory, it was more a showing of solidarity between the players and students after 4 years of frustation. It was good to see (and I think great for recruiting) that the students and players were standing together through thick and thin.

  6. Good points Matreyu, but the fact remains that a healthy Dayne has a much higher ceiling than Rees. And Kelly has said over and over again that you need the qb to be able to be a running threat in his offense....which Rees is not.
    Of course neither is Dayne if he is hobbled.

    Perhaps Dayne has gotten all his injuries for life out of the way, and can return in the fall next year, maybe split time and emerge again in 2012 with 2 full years in the system and healthy.

    If he doesn't that means he was beat out and competition is not a bad thing.

    Its weird that Kelly sounds like Hendrix hasn't even gotten a play book or sat in on qb meetings....he has said he literally doesn't know the plays which I find weird. But he is a guy with the tools.

    With all that said, the MOST important aspect of playing the quartberback position is decision making followed by accuracy. You can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have that you are not going to be a winning qb.

    Rees has that.

    Waydome--dead on...the fans didnt even really rush the "field", they stayed around the student section in the corner as an obvious salute to the players.
    Desmond Howard and all the rest of the misinformed media have no idea what ND is all about.

  7. Matreyu, I would be upset if he transfers because Crist is a gamer. He came to ND to compete with Clausen, I can't imagine him shying away from competing with this year's freshmen. He is a team guy and brings more to the table than his QB talents. Plus, there is no reason why he can't succeed in the spread - Pike did for Kelly at Cinci with less athleticism than Crist. I think Reed has done a great job and shows good presence, but to have the best competition for the position and depth in case of injury, I sure hope Crist doesn't bail.

  8. I think Dayne Crist will stay, he'll compete, and Kelly is the type of coach who will go with whoever gives his team the best chance to win. The better of the 2 QB's will start next season. I personally would not be surprised if it ends up being Dayne Crist. As far as the students rushing the field, you wouldn't understand it unless you've been through what this team has been through. It made a lot of sense and is a very good thing for others to see.


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