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Will Irish Maintain Momentum?

They delivered last Saturday against Utah. Expectations are high after the win, so anything less than a victory against Army is a huge setback. What's expected?


  1. The Army game is huge. At the beginning of the season Kelly thought "it" was the players. I believe Kelly now knows ND winning has to do with ND coaching, the officiating, and the other team (coaching, talent, psyche), not the ND players. The only reason ND is not 8-2 is due to coaching and officiating, not the ND players. A ND loss to Army will be the fault of ND coaching plain and simple, Kelly knows that. I don't believe Crist will ever start a ND game again.

  2. I had also thought Irish would win by about 14 points, so they exceeded our expectations, especially the D. I believe that is 11 quarters now without giving up a TD. That is very encouaging, no matter how you look at it. Mike, I disagree (I guess easy to say now) that Army is better than Navy. Navy runs its option like a machine. Army just isn't as crisp - I think Navy will beat Army by at least 2 TD's.

    Hope you guys are able to put on 2 shows this week even though Ed is traveling and we have the holiday weekend. Looking forward to hearing your predictions for USC - I haven't come to a conclusion yet on that, but still not sure if they are at a point yet where they are ready to get the USC monkey off their back, although, if Barkley doesn't play, that should increase our chances. Mike, let us know how your son's team did, and although you are a Marian guy, have to give kudos to St. Joe for making it to the championship game

  3. @ waydomer

    I don't know man, they were ruinning it pretty crisp in the beginning of the game. I think the Irish D-line was getting good enough penetration to rush it and the dbacks I think were picking up the plays...

    After the 1st Q, you could start to see guys in spots to make plays like they had an idea what was coming and that seemed to make an impact on their execution. I think they spent alot of time on the tape for this week.

    A 24-21 Irish upset this weekend would make some believers.

    Go Irish!


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