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Undermanned Irish no threat?

Completely depleted offense with several injuries looks like on paper no threat to Utah. What can we expect on Saturday?


  1. Mike and Ed, you talk about possibilities for a win, but you guys need to step up and put it out on the line and make a prediction for the game (before all games). Almost all the pundits all saying injuries are too much and picking Utah, but I say: ND 34 - Utah 31. Utah is a good team and will have an edge in execution over the Irish, but our back ups are still good enough to play with and beat Utah. Of the injuries, the two that concern me most are Armando Allen - for his all around game and blocking (Wood has better acceleration but just doesn't have the rest of Armando's game yet) and Calabrese as a run stopper(I hope he is close to full go), I have confidence in the other backups, including Reese, and ND will overcome and start getting this thing back on track.

  2. Fair enough....Utes are mentally tougher and flat out better than we are in all 3 phases....we show signs of improvement and play hard, but it won't be nearly enough to win. Utes 38, Irish 20....hope I'm way off....but don't think I will be.

  3. Why no talk about the infamous no-go on the field goal decision by Kelly?

  4. 2 quick points:
    1) We taped a show that we could not post due to technical difficulties. THE ENTIRE SHOW was about the 4th down decision to not kick the FG. I was in agreement with Brian Kelly, Ed was not. I felt with the right players in the game, it's a great call and part of our offense, Rees needs to make the throw. Ed thought we needed a win badly so protect that opportunity.
    2) Utah 42-21. We're depleted and don't have any experience at key offensive positions outside of Floyd. Way too much to overcome. Like Ed, I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Always enjoy the podcast guys. I have been suffering with you, but yesterday was finally a bright moment. I don't know what this means...I'm sure you'll tell us :)

    I think what it means is football games are won not only by the most elite athletes. Football games are won by heart and lost by lack of.

    Being technically excellent and play calling are only elements of course.

    It's kind of a work of art where the emotion of the game can help or hurt you.

    Do Irish athletes have the killer instinct?

    Now that they've accomplished something do they fold the tent and play mediocre ball for the rest, or do they parlay this into a great game vs. the trojans?

    Pretty close on your prediction Mike...(hehe)

    Just when you put your jersey back in the closet for another year...

    I think alot of this is character. Can we keep the fight in kids who are being told how great they are, and can we do it week to week?

    If not, we'll always win a big game or so when the other guy's on his way down, but true character and winning is when you want it so bad you find ways to motivate you all week.
    This program and the school and it's history will always offer HUGE inspiration to football players, and so a big part of coaching staff's responsibility is to keep these athletes hungry and mentally prepared.

    We'll have to see where their heads are for these coming games.

    I'm watching a different gold helmeted team "the SASH Crusaders" of Perkasie, PA in their quest for the Northern Division Championship on Sunday.

    It's a team of the big guys that town weighted ball couldn't handle. These guys are 8-2, and one most games by a touchdown because they wanted it more.

    A lesson from a bunch of 12 year olds.

    The roster's also full of kids who'd like to be Notre Dame football players some day.

    Go Irish

  6. There is nothing better than watching your son playing grade school football and dreaming of him playing for Notre Dame one day. :)


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