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Kelly 1-0 vs. USC

Maybe it wasn't as pretty as we'd like, but the fact is, the Irish won. And the defense delivered again. Bowl game will be key.


  1. Kelly's coaching, play calling, and game plans have significantly changed over this year. He and his coaching staff have now gained a ND mentallity and perspective, which he (they) didn't have at the beginning of the year. Also the officiating has dramatically improved. I believe Kelly has learned and ND will show a very significant improvement next year. Let's hope the officiating continues to be fair and even.

  2. Kelly has started to coach on instinct, and not worried about how it "looks". It's shown. We are more of a team since Tulsa and it's obvious. A good bowl win and this program will finish the season on a positive note for the first time since 1993. The Dark Days could be behind us...

  3. The Pigskin Guru has some really good things to say about ND football.

    Check it out. Im an ND fan and I love the fact we beat USC


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