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Expect a battle

Irish-Michigan rivalry always what it is, a tough hard fought battle. Saturday night will be no different.


  1. Solid work again gents. May I say that your audio is about 350% better than last season.

    Im with Brammer here that we will be behind early. Overcoming a deficit as well as holding off Michigan in the final minutes would be two breakthrough watershed moments that we almost NEED to have happen. It wont be easy while it is going on, but it would be extremely valuable as a program's confidence reshuffles.

    Strategically, of course Denard is a concern as I hope our front 7 'builds a fence' for him and strings him out. Equally concerning, remember this number, is #26 for UM. He is their return specialist. I REALLY hope Brindza doesnt give him a look. He is Ismail type dangerous.

    ND will attack the ground quite conventionally with a generous helping of zones and stretches. Michigan will use a good dash of misdirection and sprint outs.

    I hope Im right, but I too am confident that we shake the monkey on Kelly's second "All-in" game(the first being last year to USC).

    ND 27
    Michigan 23


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