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Golson, defense, shine in signature win

Golson regains his confidence as the Irish defense makes a statement. Depth played a big role in ND's dominance. What's next?


  1. Thanks Gents... always a pleasure...I hope you stay with the Monday post game and Friday pregame format.

    Ed, nice observation regarding Everett's overthrows on deep balls and throws to the H20 cooler when he has nothing. Yet, while he wasnt in any way subpar, he was in fact nerve wrackingly behind on about a half dozen balls Sat nite. And they were the short throws to the flat to the slot or the bubble routes to Riddick. He actually didnt seem to be pitching his best stuff. A good thing for us considering he can do better.

  2. No turnovers is always a positive, even though he was lucky on a couple of dropped picks. Main thing for Kelly is to manage Golson along the way as we head into some huge games. Look for us to struggle a little early against Michigan, then pull away in the second half.

  3. Lucky is appropriately stated.

    I 100% agree with struggling early vs UM. But I think it will be due to being too overhyped. Overpursuing and missing Denard and vulnerability to misdirection could very well be taken advantage of. Which is why I hope we dont get encouraged to go for any uppercuts or knockout punches on defense. Jab them, jab them again.

    Build a fence at the LOS around Denard and use the OLine and other blockers to "assist" in the tackle by stringing him out as he searches for a little hole in the fence to slip through that will hopefully never come.

    And no matter WHAT the circumstances are, keep playing like you are down a TD. With urgency to continue to advance the ball and the composure knowing that is no reason to panic.

  4. Essentially, this comes down to head coaching. Does Brian Kelly have it in him to approach this game in such a way that players don't expect anything.... they have to earn every bit of it.

    Rush 3 guys on the defensive line, have one of your outside backers (Fox or Shembo) mirror Denard, and play good cover 2 D. I don't see Michigan doing enough against this for an entire game to come out on top.


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