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Golson psyche under scrutiny Saturday night

Irish join ACC. The psyche of Golson will be the determining factor in the game Saturday night. Will Brian Kelly instill confidence in his QB this week?


  1. Good job again guys.

    Ed, in regards to your "BKs offense ran at a much higher tempo at UC than ND", I too have been interested to see this. BK has mentioned that he foresees as a possibility to "call it and haul it". While I go back to the days of Randy Walker in 2000 at Northwestern(the first team that at least I saw) doing the no huddle with 6 guys looking at the sideline awaiting a call from upstairs, Im not sure if I have seen a team struggle to always be teetering on a delay of game call. It is in fact, a good sized concern tactically going forward.

    Nice work again. Hope to hear from you guys shortly after the game.

  2. Great Podcast, one of your best. I'm more worried about the Big East officials psyche knowing that ND is leaving the Big East and going to the ACC. The ND officiating has gotten so much better over the past couple of years due to both the Big 10 and the Big East courting ND. Now ND has left both at the alter.

  3. Interesting point 'theo'. Something to keep an eye on.

    Ed, just thought of another thing you said regarding our offense. It really is 'about the coaches' with their play sheets and check with mes, etc etc... Ive been coaching football for 7 years at the HS varsity level calling plays. I certainly subscribe to NOT overcomplicating things or giving players too much to think about(not just QBs). "do a few things REALLY well" and "its not about what I know, its about what you players know" on gameday are two phrases that come to mind watching us.

    Enjoy the game today guys.

  4. Think Cierre Wood will play a lot more than Riddick, assuming he is not in Kelly's doghouse. Riddick has been servicable, but Wood is much more explosive. Mike alluded to this, but it is more than seeing the field better, Wood just plain has better accleration out of the box. Game will come down to ND's offensive line - if they don't play better than last week, we will lose. If they play a decent game, we win.


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