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Golson shines as ND romps.

All things considered, about as good as it gets for the first game of the year. A few things to correct, but a great start.!


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  2. Mike/Ed

    Lets go already! Fire up a podcast. ACC, Post Purdue, pre-MSU. Whats the holdup?? :)

    FWIW, thinking MSU will come with steady pressure, especially outside pressure to prevent EG escaping and extending. ND will counter will with keeping 6 in to protect and underneath and checkdown routes hoping to get their "chunk yards" plays as such. We'll have a good feel for how this game will go within the first series of each team. Just the same, we'll have a good feel for the state of our program under Kelly the next two weeks.

    Hope to hear you guys soon.

  3. Yes, waiting to hear your podcast on issues as mentioned by Juega and want a prediction on MSU game.


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