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Boom baby! Irish are 8-0.

The college football world has taken notice the Irish are for real. Can they "ignore the noise" over the next 3 games?


  1. Great Podcast. I agree: Kelly, his staff, the players are all so excellent it is hard to say enough good things about them.

    ESPNU could have had many exciting stories about ND on Monday but all they could say was that Oklahoma was over rated and Teo doesn't deserve the Heisman. They also yesterday predicted ND against Oklahoma in a rematch at the Fiesta Bowl. Clearly the ESPNU personel were very disappointed with ND's big victory.
    If ND beats Pitt and Alabama, Oregon, and Kasas State lose, don't be surprised when the BCS standings on Sunday are: 1) LSU, 2) Alabama, 3) ND.

  2. It is totally within reason to see all 3 teams around us lose this weekend. Oregon-USC, Alabama-LSU, KState-Oklahoma State. KState lost their starting middle LB. USC has something to prove. LSU is always a tough game for Alabama. Stranger things have happened, that's for sure.

  3. Everything im hearing is ND schedule is too weak to get into BCS title game when two months ago it was rated the toughest schedule in football. I think its crap that the conference title games count because that is where we have a disadvantage in getting a extra quality victory. What do you guys think.

  4. Realistically, armageddon(well, at least for us) seems like as real a possibility as any since we started this system. But read on, it isnt all bad.

    Bad news
    1) there are those even saying that ANY 1 loss SEC team will leapfrog other undefeateds. Not just LSU, but if Georgia wins out and beats undefeated Bama. OR if Georgia loses and FLORIDA wins out including undefeated Bama. Some are just desperate to get 1 SEC team in there. I even read that if LSU wins, they may leapfrog but that also Bama would drop but stay in front of us. So, we may beat Pitt and wind up at #5 this week falling behind Oregon and LSU and directly behind Alabama. Unreal.

    Good news
    2) KSU has 4 opponents left all of which that either ARE or at one point WERE in the top 25 this season. They are playing vey well right now, but they could slip. Oregon's schedule has 5 opponents and even their worst opponent Cal isnt atrocious. Personally though, I had them winning it this year in the beginning and dont expect them to fall. The most likely to fall in front of us: Bama. Yep. But I dont think it is this Saturday night. I have no proof or likely candidate, but its a strong feeling that they wont be there.

    Good show guys. Hope to hear ya Friday.

    P.S. Ed, 1 CB blitz last Saturday. Kavarae Russell late in 1st quarter, on a 1st and 10(I think, I just remember it was a "running play" situation.


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