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Defense keeps the dream alive

Irish physically dominate Stanford. 1st down at the 4 yard line not enough for Stanford to overcome.


  1. Once again, Ed is on point with the "3 things". If the roles were reversed. I would be upset about the goal line. But within hours, my ire would certainly shift to how we, as a self proclaimed smash mouth team, could not decisively put the ball in the endzone.

    Going forward, possibly our biggest concern is Everett Golson's maturity. His BODY language is a real concern. There are seniors on this team that need him to really grow up and play with a true sense of urgency and support the effort on the field. The NBC show made by NFL films was alarming. BK is giving him so much attention and chasing after him to make sure he feels good. I commend the patience, but EG needs to grow up fast. Eifert, Teo and Riddick don't have any more shots at this and cant wait for him to "clear his head" or not dive into the pile for a ball he just fumbled. Sure, his hot reads and identification of when we have a favorable 1 on 1 matchup are a concern, but to me, Golson's maturity is critical.


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