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Is Golson ready for OU?

Big disappointment Golson didn't play at all against BYU. Is he ready for the best defense he'll face so far this year? Is he ready for the Big Time?


  1. Once again, nice job guys. We especially need to stay away from the TOs... I'll be there cheering on the Irish!

  2. No predictions?? :) Means you 2 need a pregame show.

    Ed, liked the comments regarding the curiosity about Diaco extending further out on the branch and assuming greater risk. IMO, unfortunately ND wont be able to afford to bend and not break against a team that relies heavily on uptempo, no substitution short passing from 20 to opposing 5, then Belldozer it in. Plus, one thing that Diaco has shown me is that this favorite off speed pitch is the CB blitz which has shown a great ratio of success. With OU's screens, hitches and slants being primary weapons, this neutralizes this manuever. Get caught on a CB blitz vs one of those 3 plays against those WRs, a big play isnt likely, its unavoidable.

    As much as our offense craves YACs or a good kick or punt return and might need to step out of ITS comfort zone, our defense is facing the same predicament.

    Hope to hear you two on Friday.

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