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Irish will surprise many at OU

ND haters have had their way the last 20 years. How many times have we gone into a big game, only to get run over. Not this time, ND is for real.


  1. I am so glad you guys see this game the same as I do. I am so excited about this game. Biggest game in 24 years! I really can't believe all, and I do mean all, the so called experts are so clueless. Golson will arrive in this game. This game is way to big for Oklahoma to handle, especially their QB. Go Irish!!!

  2. I've been digesting a lot of media about this game, and I have to say that I agree with your assessment. For some reason I feel really confident that we are going to do well in Norman. I think ND has that "X" factor both from a physical standpoint and a mental and team chemistry standpoint. The most interesting thing I've heard is some commentary about our boys in the trenches vs. OU's boys. We seem to have an edge here both on offense and defense. This is an awesome breakdown of the line play from Oregon's Carson York (offensive line), who is injured and has been watching a lot of college football play:

  3. Thanks for the audio props Ed and Mike on the CB Blitz observation. And Ed, it was "off speed pitch" :)

    You two both touched upon yards coming from "different places that we havent seen". I just posted a few days ago elsehwere that we will need SURPRISE YARDAGE(deep ball not overthrown without WR breaking stride, QB runs, dare I curse and say 'punt return' and this last one... YACatch yardage.

    I think this thought came to me when I realized that throughout this whole year, we have not had a WR(or reception of any kind) cross the goalline RUNNING. Not once which is pretty surprising for an undefeated team. Which led to me thinking about our YAC. TJ has a handful of 10-15 yarders, Eifert had that YAC grab at home vs UM to nail the coffin, Toma had one for 10ish vs Purdue. There arent too many more. This stat shows your skill players' athleticism(duh) and ability to: gain separation, make ya miss, speed to get beyond the defense and yada yada. Somehow we'll need this on Saturday. But dont ask me how.

    Point is, Golson will not be able to Caddy for the Defense, he's gonna need to knock a few stiff to the pin himself. To use tennis terminology, he'll need his 1st serve to be on, paint alot of lines with winners, and no unforced errors. Its low %, but yes, doable.

    And Ed, I hope you are as right about Saturday as you were about last year's USF prediction which was scary good.

  4. Nice job once again guys! I agree with you... Cannot believe the line and all the ESPN analysts are picking against us! It'll be the first time for me to see my Irish live! Cannot wait! Go Irish!

  5. Hey guys, please help me out: How many INT's does Manti have? Isn't it like 7 this season at least? Kirk H. said he's got 5. lists him at 4 (assuming it's not yet updated). He had 1 at Navy, 1 at MSU, 2 on UM, 1 on BYU, 1 on Stanford, 1 OU. What am I missing here?

  6. msu was not an int, it was a fumble recovery
    no INT vs Stanford(jackson and farley)

    5 int total

  7. Lets go Boys. Its Monday night, lets get the grill fired up... we're a waitin' :)

    And Mike, dont let us down, we need to hear you say that this game vs Pitt is a "huge game" :)


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