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The Irish are officially for real.

Irish smoke Miami. Offense shows signs of becoming a viable force to compete for a championship.


  1. Easy Mike... dont want to jinx this one. Miami is not a shadow of who they were 5 or 10 years ago.

    I know that every week to you seems like "THE" game, the barometer if you will. Well, this one to me, along with Michigan IS the game of the year for us. I dont think we are going undefeated and trips to Norman and SoCal will attest to it, but Stanford is a winnable game. We have seniors who havent beaten them, they have a beatable team. They have a tremendous freshman class of OLine(best recruiting class there in years for ANY school) with BSanders Jr waiting in the wings. At home, with CGDay, losing streak of 3 years, a TD favorite, the biggest threat to us not winning out at HOME since 1998, no Luck, and all but guaranteed BCS berth on the line...well, this one has to be the year and IS "THE" game you speak of weekly.

  2. I think every game from this point forward is that game, but I might argue a loss to Stanford is recoverable. I don't think it would've been had we lost to Miami. I also think 3 losses this season is also recoverable. But having said this, I think this team is truly capable of something special, like a 10-2 season as you seem to be pointing to, or maybe better. That would be a heck of a story for Brian Kelly this year. Thanks for listening!

  3. If I may, what do you mean by "recoverable"? I mean, yes, the globe will keep spinning, even in south bend, but the NC is done. If by 'recoverable' you mean that ND can still qualify for a BCS game, yes this is achievable by no slip ups, including BYU and you now will have to win either in Norman or LA, tough tasks.

    I stand on: THIS one is THE one (of 2) ND needs to get this year to consider it self on the upslope, BCS worthy, not to mention a bigger profile for top recruits who need a certain academic level we compete against vs Stanford.


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